Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The color palette from this shoot is basically my mood for ALL Spring/Summer. I'll probably end up wearing a lot of white, anything with blue jean material and hints of silver. I actually can't wait to purchase another pair of silver birkenstock knock offs that I pretty much wore throughout the entire summer '16. BTW, I've wanted a white faux leather jacket for the longest and I finally purchased one when I saw that Nasty Gal had a huge sale a few weeks ago so I had to get it! This coat is a perfect pop of color for any basic outfit when you're feeling lazy. Although the coat is no longer on sale they have an almost IDENTICAL one that you can purchase using the code NASTY40 to get 40% off. Thank me later ;) xoxo

Biker Jacket: Nasty Gal Similar Coat
Skirt: H&M on sale
Shoes: ZARA 

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Depop Shop: @ola_love
Photographer: @samgsy


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