Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Hey guys! I created this post to help you get outfit ideas for the things you can put together that are similar to what you may already have in your closet or help give you some inspiration whilst shopping for the holidays and NYE. I will be posting my last holiday look this weekend so look out for that! but Please check out my video on (link In sidebar) where you can see more detailed visuals of my featured outfits. I also have my outfit details on youtube so be sure to check it out! What outfit did you like the best? Comment below! and what are your plans for NYE!?
BTW Happy Holidays and have a great NYE!!!!

Outfit 1:
Jacket: I forgot SORRY!
Dress: Amsterdam Boutique (NYC)
Shoes: Anne Michelle (EBAY)

Jacket: Topshop
Dress: Random boutique NYC

Outfit 3:
Jacket: Topshop
Dress: Amsterdam Boutique


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