Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The statement in the backgroud of this post drew my attention because it can mean several things depending on how you interpret it. One way I could analyze it is that having a bad dream which reminds you of your current reality shouldn't always be taken into consideration. It could be your fear or your insecurites about a situation that may cause you to dream this way. This is not proven but I would say think positive thoughts which result in positive vibes.. you can never go wrong with positivity!
As New york weather steps into the fall season I think these pieces are some great staples for the occasion. Knee highs, Sweater dresses, tights, and layering will definitely be a tactic I'll use this fall. I hope you guys liked this post! please share and comment or ask questions if you'd like! Thanks for stopping by! Nowhere are my...

Outfit Details:
Choker: Forever21
Sweater Dress: Forever21
Vintage shorts (underneath dress): Thrifted
Mesh Stockings: Forever21
Thigh High Socks: H&M
Shoes: Neccesary Clothing


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